Heart of Millyera - Page 40

Heart of Millyera – Page 40

Jess CateBy Jess Cate21 March 2021

Turns out selling your house, moving, returning to uni and having a sick dog really throws a spanner in the works when it comes to keeping on schedule with… anything. I hope you love this page as much as I do; Camila’s art is on-point!

We hope to deliver out next update soon (but I like to think of this comic is getting a nice vintage with age).

If you love our work, then please feel welcome to let us know! Your kind words, fan art, and likes are what keep the steampunk cogs turning!

– Jess

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Heart of Millyera - Page 39

Heart of Millyera – Page 39

Jess CateBy Jess Cate23 November 2020

Sorry about the wait!

Phew! It has been a while since our last page update. Coronavirus has somehow got us simultaneously doing nothing and having too much on our plates; but, the new page is here and it is glorious!

Camila wanted to give this page lots of mystery and spookiness—and she nailed it!

I hope you love the new page and that you are all staying safe and staying home.

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Heart of Millyera - Page 38

Heart of Millyera – Page 38

Jess CateBy Jess Cate30 August 2020

I am so thrilled with the vibrancy and spookiness of Camila’s art on this new page! Two worlds are about to collide (again) in the coming pages, so stay tuned…

On that note, over the last few updates, we have had some wonderful feedback and emails from readers. Thank you to everyone who feels compelled to share or comment to let us know what you think of Heart of Millyera. It is wonderful to hear from you!

This month I was also lucky enough to be interviewed by pop-culture website Soda and Telepaths for Wear It Purple Day; a day to advocate for and raise awareness of issues that affect LGBTQIA+ young people. As a queer and non-binary comic creator I am passionate about how comics can empower rainbow kids and I am glad to see that some of my fellow comic creators were also interviewed by Soda and Telepaths, including fellow Banksia Project recipient Phoebe Ayscough and our amazing colourist for The Many Adventures of Ida Blaker, Anthea Wright. Please head over to Soda and Telepaths to check out these great interviews.

Please also check out wearitpurple.org to see all the good work they are doing and find ways to get involved.

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Heart of Millyera - Page 37

Heart of Millyera – Page 37

Jess CateBy Jess Cate26 July 2020

The party might be over, but the escapades are only just starting and Millyera has come a long way for this…

There are lots of reasons that I am so excited to share this new page with you but, firstly (as announced in the recent newsletter) I am thrilled to have the talented Camila Duran on board as the artist for Heart of Millyera. Her attention to detail and her love for these characters shines bright on her first page, which is online today! I know you will adore her take on these characters as much as I do.

Secondly, I am happy to say that we will be returning to regular updates. Please be patient (as you always have been) as life in a global pandemic—or life in general—sometimes puts a spanner in the works.

Lastly, you might have noticed that the website has had a slight revamp, but don’t worry, all our previous pages are still there for your perusal.

Now that we are all caught up, I hope that you enjoy the latest page, and again, thank you for sticking with this adventure!

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New Heart of Millyera Art by Camila Duran

Big announcement time!

Big announcement time!

8 July 2020In NewsJess CateBy Jess Cate

New Heart of Millyera Art by Camila Duran

In November last year we announced that artist extraordinaire, Jana, would be leaving the project to venture out into the wide world, with her final page published in April 2020. Through the turmoil of the past few months, I am sorry to have left you waiting (hopefully with anticipation) for news of the future of Heart of Millyera.

I can confirm that there is plenty more story to be told and the time has come to introduce a formidable talent who will be joining me for the future adventures of Ida, Gil and Celeste… welcome artist Camila Duran!

Camila is a Chilean artist making comics in sunny Brisbane, Australia. When she’s not working on Heart of Millyera, she’s drawing comics about the Chilean revolution for the Artists’ collective Cacerola. Camila loves to read French comics, talk politics, and listen to obscure Latin American music.

I am so excited to see what Camila will bring to this story with her gorgeous artwork, a sample of which you can see above!

We are hoping to share a new page in about two weeks’ time, so check back soon for the next, new-look instalment and thank you for continuing with me on this crazy steampunk adventure!

– Jess


Heart of Millyera - Page 36

Heart of Millyera – Page 36

Jess CateBy Jess Cate12 April 2020

The excitement of the evening has just begun for Ida, Celeste and Gill, but my time to pass on the baton has come.

If you want to keep up with what I’m doing the best way to do that would be to sign up for my mailing list where I am about to share progress on my next project, a short fantasy comic about a traveling Giantess who has a lot to learn. If you like our work here then I think you’d also enjoy it.

In the upheaval that has been 2020 so far, I hope that you are doing ok and have plenty of wonderful stories to get you through these tough times.

Thank you all for reading my work so far, it’s been a wild amazing ride.


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Heart of Millyera - Page 35

Heart of Millyera – Page 35

Jess CateBy Jess Cate6 February 2020

Just one more dance? You know that’s not how it works Ida, one is never enough!

Whilst Jess and I haven’t been affected personally, we know people who have been directly affected by the Australian Bushfires. The although there has been some relief, fires still burn, summer is still young and the effects will be long felt.

In January we pledge that any proceeds from digital sales of our comics on Ownaindi would be split between the CFS and the Adelaide Koala Rescue Bushfire Appeal but there are some other wonderful creators out there volunteering their time to make a difference.

Australia Burns is an anthology book of art and stories in tribute to the heroic firefighters and volunteers who have sacrificed everything to protect us from the vicious bushfire crisis, who are STILL fighting fires in many areas of Australia. There are some big names in Australian comics in there and all the proceeds are also going to 6 fantastic charities supporting humans and animals. I’ve preordered mine and you can do the same here.

– Jana

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Heart of Millyera - Page 34

Heart of Millyera – Page 34

Jess CateBy Jess Cate30 December 2019

Happy holidays everyone and a belated Merry Christmas if you celebrate it. If you’re in Australia we hope you’re managing to keep cool and you and your family are safe and well.

As 2019 comes to a close we wish you all a wonderful New Year. Thank you so much for reading this tale of ours, it means a lot to us. See you in 2020!

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Heart of Millyera - Page 33

Heart of Millyera – Page 33

Jess CateBy Jess Cate7 November 2019

Some introductions and soon, a departure

I have some very big news for you. Although Heart of Millyera is just getting started, my part of the story is stepping away from the stage.

When Jess and I began this journey back in 2014 all bright-eyed and bushy tailed, I could not have imagined just how far this journey would take us. Because of Heart of Millyera I’ve had so many wonderful experiences and met so many amazing comic creators and fans. I have grown and learned so much.

Working on this comic has instilled a fire in me to make making comics a full time career, and in the last few years I have begun studying in earnest to make that a reality. I also have some of my own stories burning up in me that I’m dying to tell. While it’s pained me to make this decision I have come to the realisation that I can’t bring this comic to a conclusion and dedicate myself to my study and my career goals at the same time.

Don’t worry though, Heart of Millyera isn’t going anywhere. Jess is hard at work scouting out a new artist to continue on after I finish up page 36. She will have some exciting news about them soon.

As I mentioned, I still have a few pages left in the tank to bring us to the end of the year but if you want to hear about any of my future projects you can sign up for my newsletter here or follow me on Instagram.

Even though it’s not farewell yet, I’d like to thank Jess for enthusiastically partnering with me on this wonderful journey and to thank you the reader for taking the time to read my pictures. I’m so honoured you have given my work your precious time and attention, I hope you have enjoyed them.

With love and appreciation,

– Jana

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Heart of Millyera - Page 32

Heart of Millyera – Page 32

Jess CateBy Jess Cate11 September 2019

There might be a party going on, but Ida and her father are too distracted by science to notice! Also, some of you might remembered the elegant Captain Corvina Malvara from our short flashback comic, the Many Adventures of Ida Blaker which you can read online.

Don’t forget that we will be tabling at the Papercuts Festival Market Day this Sunday which will feature 40+ independent comic creators from Adelaide and all over Australia.

The festival runs from 12 to 16 September, with a whole bunch of comic-related events and special guests.

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