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Jess CateBy Jess Cate6 February 2020

Just one more dance? You know that’s not how it works Ida, one is never enough!

Whilst Jess and I haven’t been affected personally, we know people who have been directly affected by the Australian Bushfires. The although there has been some relief, fires still burn, summer is still young and the effects will be long felt.

In January we pledge that any proceeds from digital sales of our comics on Ownaindi would be split between the CFS and the Adelaide Koala Rescue Bushfire Appeal but there are some other wonderful creators out there volunteering their time to make a difference.

Australia Burns is an anthology book of art and stories in tribute to the heroic firefighters and volunteers who have sacrificed everything to protect us from the vicious bushfire crisis, who are STILL fighting fires in many areas of Australia. There are some big names in Australian comics in there and all the proceeds are also going to 6 fantastic charities supporting humans and animals. I’ve preordered mine and you can do the same here.

– Jana

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