Heart of Millyera – Page 25

Jess CateBy Jess Cate10 July 2017

We may have been slightly late on getting this new page to you, however we have a valid excuse!

There is nothing quite like a last minute brainwave to suddenly propel you from everyday life into the exhilaration of furious planning! A two weeks ago we decided it might be a good idea to launch a mini-Kickstarter campaign in order to raise a small amount to cover the extra costs of printing our new mini-comic Great Beasts. After the success of our Kickstarter for Heart of Millyera: Prelude, we couldn’t think of a better way to gauge interest in our new comic, and help pay for it’s printing.

We quickly put the Kickstarter together in a weekend, and launched it on the 25 June. Well, we can safely say that our sudden brainwaves do pay off! The Kickstarter was 1096% funded!

Two weeks later and we already have the freshly printed comics in our hands! Better yet, this weekend we will have these new comics for sale at our table for the Burnside LibCon, an initiative of the City of Burnside Library. Jana and I will also be taking part in author and artist panel discussions at the event, along with some great local talents. You can find out more on Facebook or grab your ticket to Libcon online now. It will be a fun day!

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