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Jess CateBy Jess Cate24 August 2016

Uh ohhhh…

No spoilers for you!

As a web designer by trade and web comic reader for half my life, the traditional web comic layout has always not been quite enough for me. On the one hand, I’m someone who HATES spoilers, and ideally new readers would be directed to the first page before seeing the latest but on the other I appreciate that the majority of traffic to a webcomic are return visitors, and forcing a reader through extra clicks to see the latest page is annoying.

So with some assistance from a workmate I’ve come up with a possible solution to this conundrum! On the weekend I made some updates to the website and now the homepage will hide the latest page from which you can reveal with the click of a button. If you’re caught up with the story you have the option of hiding the ‘Spoilerguard’. This option relies on cookies so if you jump onto another computer or clear your browser cookies you’ll it’ll come back.

Personally I haven’t seen anything like this on any of the web comics that I’ve read, so I’d really love to hear how it goes for you. Do you think it’s a good solution for catering to both new and returning reader? How is your experience with it? Please I must know! ????

Hawt Kickstarter action

I’ve already mentioned this on my twitter, but one of my favourite comics The Meek is currently running a Kickstarter for Volume 1. The Meek is an absolutely gorgeously illustrated and incredibly well written comic. As a epic fantasy novel nerd, this comic absolutely scratches all the itches I have that comics rarely get at. The depth of the world and character building is astonishing!

Der-Shing Helmer is one of my biggest inspirations and if you like Heart of Millyera then you should definitely check The Meek out and consider Kicking volume 1. It’s already funded so you’ve got nothing to lose!

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