Heart of Millyera – Page 12

Jess CateBy Jess Cate28 March 2016

A girl down there? Oh my indeed!

It’s been six months now since we launched Heart of Millyera online and boy has it been a learning experience. I have loved it but working on it around full time work to the quality I want has been hard. I’ve not had much of a social life and I’ve basically stopped watching movies, barely watching any TV or reading comics. I’ve also just started a 12 week digital painting class and I have plans to do more study if possible. So I’m excited to announce that after looking hard at my budgets I’ll be moving to 4 days a week to spend more time illustrating! I can not describe how excited I am about this.

Unfortunately though it will be a couple of months until that happens and a lot of commitments are demanding my attention now. So consequently there is going to be a extra break before the next page to give me the chance to take a breath and catch up with things. Page 13 will go up on the 25th of May.

I’ll try and post extra bits and sneak peeks to social medias, so if you haven’t already make sure you follow us on FacebookTwitter and Tumblr. I’m really sorry to break with the schedule but I’m very excited about the future and feel confident that we’ll be able to move to a more frequent update schedule later in the year when we build up a bit of a buffer.

Thanks so much for reading guys, it means a lot to Jess and I. 🙂

– Jana

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