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Page 26 Preview & Updates Announcement

Page 26 Preview & Updates Announcement

The last six months have been full of wonderful developments, hectic changes, and life adventures for both of Jana and I.

As you know, we have been taking part in the Banksia mentorship program, and this has given us a new perspective on our creative processes. We have learned a lot, but most importantly we have learned that you can’t rush great things! So, regretfully we feel that it is in the best interest of the comic that we give ourselves some time to get things just right.

We have decided that we need to forgo regular page updates, and Heart of Millyera will be taking a short hiatus until the end of November, when we will bring you a brand new page, and we will let you know when we will be returning to a regular scheduled updates. In this time I will be completing the Heart of Millyera script.

If you backed our Kickstarter project you might have been aware that we are currently working on a new stand alone mini-comic, set in the Heart of Millyera Universe. Jana will be working on the new mini-comic, and getting ahead with the upcoming pages whilst we are on break. Jana has sketched the next page out already, and here is a preview for you in the meantime!

For now, rest assured that we are hard at work, striving head and making certain that there will be lots more (and regular) Heart of Millyera pages in the future.

A Sudden Surprise Kickstarter!

Earlier this year if you caught us at a convention or event you might have gotten your hands on a black and white preview copy of our new one-shot mini comic we made as part of the 2017 Banksia Project, Great Beasts. With convention season starting up again we decided that the best way to gauge how many copies to print would be a to return to Kickstarter. A mini Kickstarter for a mini comic!

Our next convention will be the 2017 Burnside Library Libcon on July 15th where we have be invited to speak on author/artists panels, and we are looking to have the Kickstarter wrapped up by Tuesday the 4th of July so we can get the books off to the printer in time for you to pick up your rewards in person, should you chose. With only 6 days left until then, don’t blink or you’ll miss your opportunity to grab an early bird price! If you love Heart of Millyera, we hope that you will also love Great Beasts!

Comic Pages and Cons OH MY!

We have some good, and some less good news. Page 23 of the comic will be delayed by a week and a half sad face BUT we will be tabling at Oz Comic-Con happy face

Heart of Millyera will be at the Adelaide Oz Comic-Con this year! You will be able find us in Artist Alley, at table 18. We are sharing with the amazing team from Hail Comic. We will be selling Heart of Millyera: Prelude, along with other merchandise, but furthermore, we are excited to also have the opportunity to take part in a panel called “Writing to Women” with Miranda Richardson and Rosanna Lam.

The panel will take place at 3pm, Saturday on the Community Stage. Oz Comic-Con Adelaide is this weekend, 1-2 April, at the Adelaide Showgrounds. We hope to see you there!

I have some bad news and some good news guys

Page 22 delayed

Firstly the next page won’t be ready to go live until the Wednesday 1st of Feb. Jess and my holiday schedule hasn’t really lined up very well, and although I could get the page done in time, Jess is now away visiting the land of the hobbits by ship and so it will be hard for me to collaborate with her. Having not managed to finish the next page before she left, I don’t want to finish it without her having any input before putting it live.

Heart of Millyera: Prelude now available online and in store!

If you missed out on the Kickstarter, Heart of Millyera: Prelude is now available to buy online at! Both dead tree format and PDF options are available.

We’re also available to purchase in store at our wonderful local comic store Greenlight comics and we’ll look to get stocked at more comic stores soon.


Halloween Comic Con

We’re going to be at Halloween Comic Con at the Market on Flinders both Friday and Saturday. We’ll have Heart of Millyera: Prelude along with prints, bookmarks and original artwork for sale. This will be our first time tabling at a convention!

Entry is free so if you’re in Adelaide come say hi and be one of the first people to see Heart of Millyera in print! 👻 🙀 😍

Last chance to back our Kickstarter!

There is only 33 hours left to back the Heart of Millyera: Prelude Kickstarter. Make sure you don’t miss out!

Heart of Millyera on Kickstarter!

Heart of Millyera on Kickstarter!

Exactly one year ago on the 5th of September, Heart of Millyera went LIVE to the world!

Many, many hours of work later we are at Page 16 of our story. Jana and I have always had a plan for the future of the comic. We have hoped and dreamed that some day we would take our story from off of the computer screen and deliver it into people’s hands. Furthermore, we wanted to take Heart of Millyera to conventions and sit alongside our fellow comic creators.

To achieve this, we need your help!

Today we are launching our Kickstarter campaign! The aim of this Kickstarter is to raise the funds that we need to print the pages we have so far into what will be a special prelude edition, and then to take the comic on to Supanova in November 2016!

We are so excited to announce our Kickstarter. We humbly ask that if you like our story so far, and want to support our campaign, that you visit our Kickstarter page and share this with your friends! Not only will you be one of the very first people on earth to have a copy of Heart of Millyera in print, but if that isn’t enticing enough, we are also offering some exciting rewards for your pledge. What is more, you will be helping a pair of fledgling comic creatives achieve their dreams.

Sneaky Oz Comicon appearance!

So Jess and I made a panel appearance as part of the Adelaide Ladies Comic Club. 5 of us from the club basically had a miniature club meeting on stage.

So Jess and I made a panel appearance as part of the Adelaide Ladies Comic Club. 5 of us from the club basically had a miniature club meeting on stage. It was our first speaking and I was super worried about how good we would be so I didn’t really want to promote it too hard. But ultimately it went super well and in the end we really enjoyed the experience and had people come up afterwards and give us positive feedback which was super awesome. I hope we have the opportunity to do it again some time and I promise I’ll actually let people know next time.

New Page Incoming!

Our next page is just over a week away, I’m visiting a friend over the long weekend so Page 7 will go up on the evening of the 6th.

I’ll be tweaking the site to the more common webcomic format with the newest rather than the first page on the homepage. As a regular webcomic reader that’s generally my preference, although I hate the idea of new readers getting spoiled. I have some thoughts about clever ways in which I can make things easy for the regular readers without confusing or spoiling new readers but right now I wanna just focus on building up as much of a page buffer as possible. Besides there isn’t tooooooo much to spoil yet :p

Seeing how everyone has been receiving the comic has been really great. It’s exciting to hear all the positive reactions, interest and support we’ve received so far. And in the process we discovered another local Adelaide comic creating duo who just launched their comic a week before us.

Hail, written by Miranda Richardson and Illustrated by Rosanna Lam is off to a cracking start! Featuring a budding superhero with anxiety attacks of a unique nature, they aim to explore themes of mental illness. With such an interesting premise and a tense 10 pages at launch I’m really looking forward to seeing where they take it. Check it out at

It begins...

Jess and I are so excited to be finally sharing Heart of Millyera with you. At this stage the comic will update once a month, though I hope in time I’ll pick up speed and we’ll be able to update more frequently.

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We hope you enjoy the ride!