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Page 26 Preview & Updates Announcement

Page 26 Preview & Updates Announcement

The last six months have been full of wonderful developments, hectic changes, and life adventures for both of Jana and I.

As you know, we have been taking part in the Banksia mentorship program, and this has given us a new perspective on our creative processes. We have learned a lot, but most importantly we have learned that you can’t rush great things! So, regretfully we feel that it is in the best interest of the comic that we give ourselves some time to get things just right.

We have decided that we need to forgo regular page updates, and Heart of Millyera will be taking a short hiatus until the end of November, when we will bring you a brand new page, and we will let you know when we will be returning to a regular scheduled updates. In this time I will be completing the Heart of Millyera script.

If you backed our Kickstarter project you might have been aware that we are currently working on a new stand alone mini-comic, set in the Heart of Millyera Universe. Jana will be working on the new mini-comic, and getting ahead with the upcoming pages whilst we are on break. Jana has sketched the next page out already, and here is a preview for you in the meantime!

For now, rest assured that we are hard at work, striving head and making certain that there will be lots more (and regular) Heart of Millyera pages in the future.

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