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Heart of Millyera on Kickstarter!

Heart of Millyera on Kickstarter!

Exactly one year ago on the 5th of September, Heart of Millyera went LIVE to the world!

Many, many hours of work later we are at Page 16 of our story. Jana and I have always had a plan for the future of the comic. We have hoped and dreamed that some day we would take our story from off of the computer screen and deliver it into people’s hands. Furthermore, we wanted to take Heart of Millyera to conventions and sit alongside our fellow comic creators.

To achieve this, we need your help!

Today we are launching our Kickstarter campaign! The aim of this Kickstarter is to raise the funds that we need to print the pages we have so far into what will be a special prelude edition, and then to take the comic on to Supanova in November 2016!

We are so excited to announce our Kickstarter. We humbly ask that if you like our story so far, and want to support our campaign, that you visit our Kickstarter page and share this with your friends! Not only will you be one of the very first people on earth to have a copy of Heart of Millyera in print, but if that isn’t enticing enough, we are also offering some exciting rewards for your pledge. What is more, you will be helping a pair of fledgling comic creatives achieve their dreams.

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