A comic by Jess Cate and Jana Hoffmann

The Many Adventures of Ida Blaker - Page 7

Jana Hoffmann

Jeez Ida, I know you’re salty about settling down but come on. There is plenty of adventure in books!

The Kickstarter surveys are pretty much all in now so the book will be off to the printers later this week. So this means we’re on track to have all our rewards shipped off in plenty of time before our next event, the Adelaide Steampunk Festival Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th of September. The Adelaide cosplay community is off the charts talented so I can’t wait to feast my eyes on all the glorious attendees while we peddle our wares.

But much sooner than that however we’ll be back on the 31st of July for the last page of The Many Adventures of Ida Blaker.

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