A comic by Jess Cate and Jana Hoffmann

About Heart of Millyera

When young geology student Ida finds an unusual object at the bottom of a lake, she unwittingly becomes guardian to Millyera - a childlike spirit as old as the universe. In the sun-drenched seaport of Flora Bay, the growing, bustling industry of The Colonies brings colourful characters from across the globe together to stake their claims on a new land. With her colleagues Gilbert and Celeste, Ida works to protect Millyera from those who would do the sea-spirit harm. In doing so, they awaken a long-dormant world of magic and danger.

Heart of Millyera is the first webcomic by Jess Cate and Jana Hoffmann. The story began in 2014, when Jana and Jess were discussing their mutual love for mystical sea-beasties. Millyera was born out of a fascination with the mysterious universe that dwells in the deepest oceans. The world of The Colonies sprung up out of our desire to create a comic with a setting that is both steam-punk, and yet proudly Australian. Milly and her friends are a team of adventurous, misfit geniuses, who we hope will win your hearts.

Heart of Millyera is an epic undertaking, which will carry you out of the depths of the ocean, across deserts, through the dusty streets of bustling towns, across the seas on trade ships, and out into the recesses of space. I am not sure that we can squeeze any more adventure in, but we will sure as hell try!

We currently update every 4 weeks, and we’re working on increasing that.

Jess Cate

I like nothing more than to make up vivid and fantastical worlds, and then explore them thoroughly. I began writing stories in my very early teenage years, and spent many-a science class, sat at the rear, scribbling pages of typically-teenage melodrama. It was around this time that I discovered comic books, and even penned a few little photocopied comics, which saw extremely limited distribution.

I had always wanted to write for movies, and saw myself someday becoming a screenwriter. After studying literature and creative writing, I began to work on my own projects, and found that my niche was urban, and historical fantasy or science fiction.

Writing comic scripts allows me to make the most outrageous stories come to life, and I do not need a billion-dollar budget, a film crew, hundreds of special effects artists, and actors who need to be kept happy. All I needed was a like-minded creative talent! I met Jana through our shared love of comics, and we knew straight away that we could create something really great together.

Heart of Millyera brings together all the things I love about story-telling. Ida, Gil, Celeste and Milly take up a fair chunk of my brain nowadays! When I am not writing about them, I am trying not to day-dream about them, especially when I should be making ends meet. I currently reside in Adelaide, South Australia with my partner, and various other small, house-trained mammals.

Jana Hoffmann

Gotta write about myself hey? AWKWARD!

I like to make and create things. I’ve been inlove with fantasy fiction since about the age of 6, and web comics as soon as we got the internet at our house and I spent my nights when I should be asleep hoping the sound of the dial up modem wouldn’t wake my parents up as I snuck onto the internet to wait for minutes for pages of Megatokyo to download, only to discover they hadn’t updated since I last checked yesterday. RSS feeds changed my life!

I drew a lot when I was younger, and during a brief stint at Uni my friend and I put together 52 pages of in-joke webcomic glory called ‘Le Comique’ which I will dig up and repost somewhere for the lolz one day. After that I slowly became an "Adult" with a job and stopped drawing so much.

Eventually I realised that being a responsible adult is boring and I started to slowing get back into drawing again and I am so excited to bring Heart of Millyera to you.